Welcome to the 68th Lightning Lancers

Welcome to the home page of the 68th Lightning Lancers virtual fighter squadron. We are based in HiTech Creations game Aces High!

On most nights the 68th can be found in the main arena under the Knight banner, having fun and mixing it up. The 68th maintains respect to other players regardless of arena or situation. The standard 68th missions include "base-taking" either in Jabos or bombers. The 68th Lightning Lancers have a rich history and solid reputation in Aces High and do their best to live up to the standards as such. 

The 68th are active in most special events especially Friday Squad Operations, Snapshots and Scenarios.The squad is commanded by 68Falcon who is a 10 year veteran of Aces High and is very active on Aces High all volunteer Campaign Managers team.



Speed and Time to climb charts

Last Updated: 18 March 2013

Here are a couple of useful charts for in game.


I suggest printing them out for ease of use. 


Distance to Travel 25 miles chart


Time to climb chart

Maps Updated

Maps Updated! The maps have been updated as of 12/29/2012! 


Last Updated: 26 February2013

Click on the link for the new Object downtime chart! 


Object DownTime Chart

Mastering the Tac Turn

A quick tutorial on TAC turns has been uploaded to the site. 


Take a look here Mastering the Tac Turn

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